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Founder Adrian P. Zeno, Esq. was sworn into the Illinois Bar in May 2006. He is a graduate of The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois. While attending DePaul University, he became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.-Kappa Phi Chapter. Attorney Zeno spent a significant part of his childhood in Italy, France, Belgium and Los Angeles, California (father played professional basketball around the globe). He moved to Chicago, Illinois at age 12 and became a member of the Chatham and Hyde Park communities. Attorney Zeno is a proud husband and father to a young daughter.

After one successful year in operating a sole proprietorship, Attorney Zeno incorporated his practice. Zeno Law Office, P.C., ("the firm") began its focus in civil litigation and real estate, and quickly expanded its practice into business litigation and transactions. With over a decade of service, the firm relishes in maintaining a large base of return-clients, and high frequency of referrals.



I'm having trouble serving my tenant with a 5-Day Notice. How do I find a good way to serve my tenant?
It is common for a Tenant who is delinquent in rent to dodge contact with their Landlord. A great method to get a Tenant served is by scheduling an inspection to the leased premises by providing the requisite 48 hour notice. Most tenants like to be present during these inspections. While the Landlord and Tenant are conducting a walkthrough inspection of the leased premises, the Landlord can serve Tenant by hand with the 5-Day Notice. If a Tenant has complained about needed repairs to the property, inform the Tenant that an inspection will take place and inform Tenant to be present during said inspection to point out the areas in need of repair.

Can I do an eviction myself? I heard I don't need an attorney.
Illinois eviction laws contain rules that set out the lawful procedures for evicting tenants. The Forcible Entry and Detainer Act regulates the eviction process and contains over 16,000 words that should be analyzed carefully to ensure proper compliance. If the Landlord does not comply with the Forcible Entry and Detainer Act, the Landlord's case is likely to be dismissed by the Court-which will cost the Landlord lost time, money and plenty aggravation.

I heard that you can't evict a Tenant in the winter months. Is that true?
This is not true. Throughout the winter months, an Order for Possession may be obtained from the Court. The Sheriff Eviction Unit will enforce the Order for Possession and evict your tenant during the winter months as long as it is not 15 degrees Fahrenheit or below, or if there is weather that creates dangerous conditions for the Tenants (snowstorm; thunderstorm, etc.).

How long is the purchase process?
Depends. Most purchase transactions including a mortgage take between thirty to forty-five days. Cash deals can close as early as one-week.

What happens if Buyer's loan is denied midway through the purchase process?
If Buyer informs Seller that the mortgage loan has been denied prior to the mortgage contingency deadline, then Buyer may cancel the deal and retrieve the earnest money. However, Buyer must provide Seller a denial letter from the mortgage company.

If an unknown person fills my dumpster with garbage and debris which causes my dumpster to overflow, am I still responsible for the fine?
Yes, you are responsible for maintaining your dumpster. To prevent a passerby from filling a dumpster, place locks on the dumpster.

Is there a way to avoid fines or get fines reduced after a citation has been issued for code violations?
Absolutely. The City must prove their case before a fine will be issued. In some cases, the City's case may be dismissed if their proof is inadequate. In many cases, our firm gets fines reduced even when the City has strong proof of code violations.

What are the benefits of a Land Trust?
The main benefit of a Land Trust is that the true owner's identity is concealed from public record. In addition, your heirs may bypass the lengthy and costly process of probate court.

How long does the foreclosure process take?
In Cook County, Illinois, the foreclosure process typically takes a full year from the time the bank files a Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint.

What should I do if I get behind on my mortgage?
Contact our office right away. It's best to come up with a foreclosure prevention plan early, rather than later. Starting early may allow you to explore different foreclosure prevention options.

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